Spanish courses in Salamanca

The general language courses are perfect for those who want to learn Spanish from the start or improve their Spanish skills for a wide range of uses. As well as learning grammar and vocabulary, Spanish for everyday life is an important focus, so that what is learned in the classes can be put to good use in your free time. The courses can be booked for as long as you require – either for a week or several months. On average the class size is 5 and the maximum is 9. There are two general language courses available:

The standard Spanish course offers a balance between learning and leisure. The course consists of 20 lessons per week, and each session lasts 50 minutes. The course focuses on the ability to communicate in Spanish and you will learn the basic rules and vocabulary alongside reading and writing skills. You can start the course on any Monday.

The intensive Spanish course is especially interesting for those who want to learn as much as possible in a short time. This course consists of 25 lessons of 50 minutes each per week. In addition to the Standard Spanish course lessons of grammar, vocabulary and speaking there are five extra lessons where Spanish and Latin American culture on the timetable. The Intensive Spanish courses can be started any Monday.