Spanish language course in Madrid

The general Spanish courses in Madrid are ideal for beginners and advanced learners who want to improve their Spanish skills in general and aim for private use of the language.

The courses focus on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation as well as improving oral communication. Depending on the type of course, you will have 20 or 25 lessons per week of 50 minutes each. Hereby the course with 25 lessons includes 5 private lessons per week. Working in mini groups with a maximum of 8 participants boosts confidence and the stimulating discussions help participants to lose any inhibitions in speaking Spanish.

The general courses always begin on Monday, unless this is a bank holiday, in which case the start date is shifted to Tuesday.

The Standard Spanish Course consists of 20 lessons per week, which offers a nice balance between language lessons and leisure time. The course aims to improve each individual’s communication.

The Intensive Spanish Course consists of 25 lessons per week and is the most intensive general language course we offer. As this course is a combination of 20 group lessons and 5 private lessons, it is ideal for those who want to learn the most possible in a short space of time.