Business Spanish Courses

The business Spanish course in Madrid is for everyone who uses Spanish in a business setting. In 20 plus 5 or 10 lessons of 50 minutes per week participants with at least intermediate language skills will learn to communicate skillfully in Spanish within the business world. The 20 lessons are dedicated to the basics of speaking, reading, writing and listening whilst the five or ten additional lessons focus on its use in a business context.

The Business Spanish Courses are held in mini groups with a maximum of 8 participants, allowing the teacher to concentrate on each individual's needs as well as offering the possibility of stimulating discussion.

The additional 5 or 10 individual 1:1 lessons focus only on Business Spanish. These intense lessons allow the participants to learn quickly and to concentrate on their individual learning goals with the teacher. The lessons could focus on topics such as: presentations, negotiations, E-mail correspondence, or Business etiquette in Spanish-speaking countries.

You can join a Business Spanish Course every Monday, unless this is a Spanish bank holiday, in which case the start date is shifted to Tuesday. Depending on your schedule you can also take your lessons in the afternoon.