Voluntary work in Buenos Aires

Perhaps you are enthusiastic about other countries and cultures and would like to commit yourself to helping others on a voluntary basis and have a memorable experience at the same time.

Our language school in Argentina works with various NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and other volunteer organisations in Argentina and offers voluntary work in various fields.

You are required to attend a minimum of 2-weeks on an Intensive language course at the language school in Buenos Aires, be at least 18 years old and have the appropriate language level for the particular project. We will initially discuss which fields of work interest you and what suits your personal expectations. Both the workload and the adventure of being involved in the project are important issues. The program includes an orientation session and introduction to the volunteer work before you start.

Volunteer work in Argentina is a unique experience where you can learn the language but also a lot about life. Being involved in the projects allows you to get to know the country and culture and gain a very special insight into particular aspects of the country. During the period of voluntary work, the participants can also take part in the school`s activity program and make the experience in a foreign country even more intense.

We will happily send you more information if you are interested in the volunteer program.