Learn Spanish in Seville, Spain

SevilleSeville is one of the most popular cities in Spain and is not only known as a quality destination to learn Spanish, but also as the cradle of Flamenco music. The charm of the Spanish rhythms in music events such as the Bienal de Flamenco draws visitors from all over.

Language learners are attracted to Seville by the high quality language courses and the chance to experience the Spanish culture. A language course in Seville guarantees an exceptional and relaxing time in a typical Andalusian city.

The Old Town of Seville has a labyrinth of narrow streets and the architecture here is known far and wide. You will be charmed by the palatial ancient Roman-style buildings and oriental structures rich in Mosaics. Seville offers our students a breathtaking journey into its past with splendours for students to enjoy such as: the Maria de la Sede cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, and the medieval palace of Alcázar.

The nightlife revolves around the nightlife that is offered in the Plaza de San Salvador where hundreds of people meet in the numerous Tapas bars, Flamenco bars and cafes to round off their day in the sun-drenched city.

The school offers Spanish language courses at different language levels with choices of Standard, Intensive and Business courses. The highly qualified and extremely professional teaching staff enjoy their work and the school attaches great importance to its efficient teaching. The students are particularly encouraged to interact with each other in Spanish.

Students can choose from various accommodation options such as: homestay, staying with a host, a school residence and private apartments. The school offers a wide range of leisure activities such as excursions and visits to cultural events around the city after the classes.

Our School Location

Our language school is located near the famous University in the heart of Seville. It is also not far from the river bank where you can enjoy the beautiful weather and the atmosphere by the water after the lessons. If you would like to take a walk then Seville offers numerous parks where you can stroll. Have fun on your trip to Spain.

School Facilities

Our language school in Seville is a modern school with years of experience and is located in the heart of the capital of Andalusia in southern Spain. The Spanish language school is situated in the historic city centre, within easy walking distance of the main attractions of the city.

The school is housed in a beautiful, traditional Sevillian mansion, which has recently been completely renovated.

The school places particular emphasis on the provision of a professional and first class service in an intimate and friendly atmosphere. The entire school team is always available to provide advice and assistance. They will answer questions about the courses and your progress, and will also give you information about excursions and further practical information regarding your stay.

The Spanish language school in Seville has first-class facilities in an attractive and high-quality learning environment. The bright and modern classrooms are fully equipped with audio-visual systems and interactive white boards. There is also a large central courtyard for the students, a tranquil roof terrace with a small, knee deep, plunge pool, Wi-Fi throughout, a multi-media room, and a bookshop.

The school offers a diverse range of cultural and leisure activities so that you can gain insight into the Andalusian culture and way of life, as well as learn the Spanish language. The weekly cultural activities program includes, amongst other things: excursions to Cordoba, Granada, or Morocco, bike rides through the Old Town, film shows, cookery classes, Flamenco evenings and tapas tours.

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School Accreditation

Student Reviews

Language Courses

To ensure the success of your language journey to Spain, it is important to select the right high-quality language course. Whether you would like to learn or improve your general Spanish, acquire an official language certificate or expand your Spanish knowledge for your job, our language school in Seville has the Spanish language course for you. The language school in Seville puts gre

at emphasis on giving each student as much individual attention as possible. This is why our Spanish lessons are taught in small groups of no more than 10 participants. Committed and highly qualified teachers lead our language courses in Seville. Most language courses in Seville can be started every week and the course duration is also flexible. To find the right study group for you, you will take a language exam on your first day in Spain. All participants receive an official language school certificate at the end of the course. The language courses in Seville have incorporated the four main principles of language competence: reading and listening comprehension as well as oral and written expression. The Spanish language school in Seville offers both standard Spanish courses (to acquire or improve general language skills) as well as specialized, subject-specific Spanish classes. Subject-specific Spanish courses often require an intermediate level of Spanish. One lesson lasts 50 minutes. The minimum age for participation in the Seville language courses is 17 years old.

Course Prices (in Euro)

Bestpreis Garantie SprachreiseAll course prices include: Courses as described, placement test and course certificate, teaching materials (excluding course book – to be paid at school: ca. 20€), welcome pack, free Internet access (WLAN).

Tip: The longer the course, the cheaper the price per week!

<< 1 Wo..2 Wo..3 Wo..4 Wo..5 Wo..6 Wo..7 Wo..8 Wo..9 Wo..10 Wo..11 Wo..12 Wo..13 Wo..14 Wo..15 Wo..16 Wo..17 Wo..18 Wo..19 Wo..20 Wo..Extrawo.. >>
Standard Spanish Course (20 lessons/week)199 €398 €587 €776 €960 €1144 €1328 €1472 €1646 €1820 €1994 €2088 €2248 €2408 €2568 €2728 €2888 €3048 €3208 €3368 €160 €
Intensive Spanish Course (30 lessons/week)296 €592 €878 €1164 €1445 €1726 €2007 €2248 €2519 €2790 €3061 €3252 €3507 €3762 €4017 €4272 €4527 €4782 €5037 €5292 €255 €
DELE Exam Course (20 lessons/week)------1183 €----------------------------------
Combined Spanish Course (20 + 5 lessons/week)413 €826 €1229 €1632 €2030 €2428 €2826 €3224 €3622 €4020 €4418 €4816 €5214 €5612 €6010 €6408 €6806 €7204 €7602 €8000 €398 €
Combined Spanish Course (20 + 10 lessons/week)627 €1254 €1871 €2488 €3100 €3712 €4324 €4936 €5548 €6160 €6772 €7384 €7996 €8608 €9220 €9832 €10444 €11056 €11668 €12280 €612 €
Standard Business Spanish Course (20 + 10 lessons/week)301 €602 €893 €1184 €----------------------------------
Private Spanish Course (20 lessons/week)856 €1712 €2568 €3424 €4280 €5136 €5992 €6848 €7704 €8560 €9416 €10272 €11128 €11984 €12840 €13696 €14552 €15408 €16264 €17120 €856 €
Private Spanish Course (30 lessons/week)1284 €2568 €3852 €5136 €6420 €7704 €8988 €10272 €11556 €12840 €14124 €15408 €16692 €17976 €19260 €20544 €21828 €23112 €24396 €25680 €1284 €
Additional Tuition (5 lessons/week)214 €428 €642 €856 €1070 €1284 €1498 €1712 €1926 €2140 €2354 €2568 €2782 €2996 €3210 €3424 €3638 €3852 €4066 €4280 €214 €
Additional Tuition (10 lessons/week)428 €856 €1284 €1712 €2140 €2568 €2996 €3424 €3852 €4280 €4708 €5136 €5564 €5992 €6420 €6848 €7276 €7704 €8132 €8560 €428 €

Course Dates and Info

Starting dates: Start every Monday
National holidays: 07.01.2019 , 28.02.2019 , 18.04.2019 , 19.04.2019 , 01.05.2019 , 08.05.2019 , 20.06.2019 , 15.08.2019 , 01.11.2019 , 06.12.2019 , 09.12.2019
School holidays: 08.01.2019 - 20.12.2019
Starting 50+: 04.03.2019 , 18.03.2019 , 08.04.2019 , 29.04.2019 , 13.05.2019 , 16.09.2019 , 14.10.2019 , 04.11.2019
Starting Date DELE exam preparation: 29.04.2019 , 25.05.2019 , 17.06.2019 , 12.07.2019 , 28.10.2019 , 23.11.2019
- ; SR - Single room; DR - Twin/double room

SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast
Lesson: 50 minutes.
DELE exam fee is not included in the price.

Course Dates and Info


In order to make your trip to Seville a success we want to offer you both the right course and the best possible accommodation. We offer accommodation to suit every taste and budget.

Host family accommodation is very popular with our students as it allows you the chance to practise your Spanish and to gain an insight into Spanish culture and the way of life. Very popular with students is accommodation in a host family. If you would like a little more independence, we recommend staying in a shared apartment or in the school residence. When you stay in a shared apartment with a host you have a single or a double room and share the kitchen, bathroom and living room with your host and other guests. In the school residence you are completely independent and still have the opportunity to socialise with your fellow students. The residence is just a few minutes` walk from the school, has 12 rooms on three floors and is inhabited mostly by younger students. We can also organise accommodation in a private apartment or recommend a hotel near the school to participants who want more privacy during their language course.

We have carefully selected the accommodation to offer you the most satisfaction during your stay in Seville. We regularly visit the accommodation and these visits and the constant feedback help us to ensure that the standards conform to the students` wishes.

Private Apartment

If you would you like more privacy and comfort during your stay in Seville, then a private apartment is the right choice for you.

Our private apartments are located in a quiet street in the centre of Seville, just 15 minutes' walk away from the school. The apartments are fully equipped and have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning and heating. All expenses such as water and electricity are included up to a limit of €50 per month. Bed linen and towels are provided. The private apartments are in a former country mansion which has been completely renovated, modernised and equipped with a lift. Certain architectural features such as the floors and the ceramic tiles on the walls combine well and are in keeping with the modern features of the building.

Host Family

The great advantage of this type of accommodation is that you have the opportunity to practise your Spanish in conversation with the family, apply what you have learned during the lessons, develop your vocabulary and generally become more familiar with the language.

What is more, you get to know more about Spanish culture and daily life in a Spanish family. In the host family accommodation you can stay in a single or double room. However, the double rooms can only be booked by two people travelling together. Catering will be provided on half-board basis, and you have breakfast and lunch with the host family. Your clothes and bed linen are washed and the rooms are cleaned once a week. Full board, 3 meals a day, is also possible at an extra charge. Our host families in Seville are very carefully selected by the school and the families are experienced in dealing with international students. All the families are located within walking distance of the school. The accommodation is available from the Sunday before your course starts until midday on the Saturday when your course finishes.


We recommend accommodation in the school residence if you would like to be independent during your language course and on the other hand would like to have contact with fellow students. The school residence is similar to a student hall of residence. You are independent, but also have the opportunity to get to know other students.

The residence is located in the city centre and has 12 rooms on three floors, a shared kitchen, free Internet access, and a roof terrace, and you can choose with or without private bathroom. Accommodation is available in single or double rooms. Weekly housekeeping and linen are included. The school residence is within walking distance of the school. The accommodation in the school residence is available from the Sunday before your course starts until midday on the Saturday when your course finishes.

Local Host (Self-catering)

If you are looking for independence, accommodation in a shared apartment with a host is the right choice for you! Just like a classic residence, you can have a single or double room and share the kitchen, bathroom and lounge with the other residents and your host. Please note that double rooms can only be booked by two people travelling together.

Generally this form of accommodation is popular with younger course participants, and the residents frequently organise cooking evenings or plan activities together. Apartments in Seville are simple, but fully equipped. The students themselves are responsible for keeping the apartments clean. You can easily reach the school on foot from any of these apartments. The accommodation is available from the Sunday before your course starts until midday on the Saturday when your course finishes.


Of course, during your time in Seville learning Spanish, you should also have the opportunity to experience the Andalusian culture and way of life for yourself! Our language school offers a weekly cultural and activities program that will allow you to experience the city, culture and customs for yourself.

You can go on a city tour with your language teachers and explore the historic centre of Seville and learn more about the impressive architecture, the history and the many legends of the capital of Andalusia! Visit the most popular and most historic parts of the city, such as the famous `Barrio de Santa Cruz` or the equally famous `Barrio de Triana`. This school tour is not a classic tour for visitors to Seville, but one on which the true nature of Seville and its people is discovered!

You also have an opportunity to have an introduction to Spanish and Latin American dances! The dance teachers are professionals and will gladly show you the basic steps and rhythms of flamenco dances or classic Sevillana!

Spain is very well known for its cuisine as well as for its dances, and you will have the chance to try out some of the typical Spanish recipes yourself! You can prepare Gazpacho Andaluz or a refreshing Sangria under the guidance of a member of the school`s staff, and then test the results with other participants: Que aproveche! An introduction to the famous Spanish sherry is very popular, and after a journey through the history of sherry (vino de Jerez) you can taste the different sorts of sherry in a tasting session.

An interesting way to get to know the culture and diversity of Spain in more detail is through films, and the school therefore organises regular film evenings with well-known Spanish films in their original form. The teachers give an introduction before the start of the film and afterwards there are group discussions.

During the week, the school activities begin at 5pm. Many of these activities are free, but those that are not are available at discounted prices.

As well as these activities, the school organises weekend excursions to interesting cities and regions in Spain such as Granada, Cordoba, Jerez de la Frontera or Aracena.