English language courses

The junior English language courses in New York are a unique experience for young participants between 14 and 20 years old. The junior students can experience an excellent mix of exciting English lessons and equally exciting leisure activities. The junior English language course in New York consists of 20 lessons of 45 minutes per week.

On the first day the new junior students take a placement test, which allows the school to form groups of students with similar levels of English. This ensures that the course is at the right level for them and neither too easy or too difficult. Then there is the orientation session where the new arrivals are welcomed, they receive their timetable and an overview of the planned activities and get to know the school building and the campus. After lunch together, the students take part in their first afternoon activity. On the second day, the students have their language courses in groups with a maximum class size of 15 participants. The relatively small group size ensures that all the junior students can take part in discussions and the teacher can concentrate on the language needs of individual students. The school pays particular attention to making the groups as international as possible. This will enable the participants to make friends with people from many different countries and encourage them to communicate in English outside the classroom.

The classes focus on the four language areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The teachers aim to give the students self-confidence in the use of the foreign language and encourage them, above all, to speak English. During their stay the students receive progress reports and the teachers give them constant support to help them achieve their language leaning goals. All the teaching materials are provided by the school, and the students only need to bring a writing pad and pens with them. At the end of the course the junior students will receive a certificate of attendance.

A trip to New York to learn English is a great experience, with interesting lessons, exciting leisure activities and great fun for students. The participants will enjoy an experience they will remember forever, make new friends and gain confidence in the use of the English language.