Learn Spanish in Malaga

MalagaLearning Spanish in Malaga offers students a unique combination of a sophisticated language course and relaxing holiday in a charming and historical town.

Our language school in Malaga is a family-run business and one of the oldest and unique schools in the city. Modern learning techniques and internally developed educational materials are the assets language teachers here use to make the Spanish language classes very pleasant and effective. In addition to the classic elements of a language course such as vocabulary and grammar exercises in Spanish, interaction in Spanish really is at the heart of the language course here in Malaga. Carefully selected host families are of great help to the language students when it comes to learning more about the mentality and way of life in southern Spain. Apart from staying at the host families, students can also stay in shared apartments, residential quarters, or hotels.

Our language schools in the south of Spain organise and supervise excursions, sightseeing tours and sporting activities. For the language students, a walk in the scenic old town of Malaga can easily turn into a car-free discovery adventure.

Every evening, typical southern Spanish nightlife awakes in Malaga. Locals and visitors alike come together in the many tapas bars and cosy cafes. The traditional Flamenco rhythms entice visitors into the Flamenco bars. And if you’re looking for a musical alternative to the traditional Flamenco bars, Malaga offers many modern clubs and bars too.

Our School Location

Our Malaga language school lies in the beautiful centre of Malaga. Not far from the university, it is situated on a hill, which provides beautiful views over the Malaga countryside. The language school is within reach of the beach and the harbour is within walking distance. You will definitely enjoy your language journey to Spain.

School Facilities

The Debla language school is a family-run school in Malaga, Spain, and was founded in 1979. Sprachdirekt is its exclusive representative in the German speaking countries. Debla focuses on high-quality teaching in a relaxed atmosphere.

The owner has been managing her school since its foundation with a lot of heart and experience and enjoys the daily contact with participants from all over the world. For this reason, our language courses in Malaga are very popular!

The Spanish language school in Malaga is beautifully situated at the foot of Mount Gibralfaro with stunning views of the Mediterranean. Despite its quiet, lush location, you can walk to the historic city centre in just fifteen minutes and the beach is just ten minutes away. The school's classrooms are all very bright and spacious, looking out either at Malaga and the sea or the beautiful garden. In high season, the school also has exclusive access to the facilities at the nearby "Universidad de Turismo". The lessons are aligned to the "European Frame of Reference." The textbook has been designed by Debla's own experienced teachers and is updated regularly. The entire school building is equipped with Wi-Fi, while the school's lounge has several computers with Internet access available for free use.

The language school in Malaga has a balcony and a large terrace. Two classrooms open up directly onto the terrace connected to the small school garden. The terrace, balcony, and garden all invite you to relax during your breaks, engage in conversation after class, and spend your afternoons sharing a paella or flamenco lessons. The school has a small snack bar selling drinks and sandwiches during the breaks. "Debla," by the way, is the name of a Spanish flamenco song, but here "Debla" means teaching Spanish with heart and soul under the Spanish sun of Malaga!

24/7 student support
24/7 student support
50+ language programme
50+ language programme
Computer Room
Computer Room
Educational leave
Educational leave
Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi
Interactive white boards
Interactive white boards
Located near the beach
Located near the beach
School canteen or café
School canteen or café
School garden or terrace
School garden or terrace

School Accreditation

Student Reviews

Language Courses

To meet the diverse needs and interests of its students, the language school in Malaga offers a variety of Spanish courses.

Whether you want to improve your general Spanish skills or work on specific subjects, whether you're more interested in having a relaxing holiday or you want to base your stay mainly around learning a new language, the Debla school in Malaga has the right Spanish course for your needs!

Since its founding, Debla, our language school in Malaga, has always placed great emphasis on the quality of its Spanish language courses. Debla continuously evaluates and perfects its teaching methods to keep its focus on the wishes and needs of its students. Beyond just grammar and vocabulary, Spanish classes at Debla place great importance on interactive communication. Participants learn to use the Spanish language actively and communicate in everyday situations in the target language. To keep the focus on the interests and needs of their students, Debla's Spanish courses in Malaga are always taught in small groups of no more than eight participants. 

On your first day of classes in Spain, you'll sit both a written and oral placement test in order to be optimally placed into course groups. Spanish courses are offered for the six different skill levels outlined in the "European Frame of Reference" (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). The school has created its own textbooks which it provides for students while at the school. The Spanish courses in Malaga also use video projectors to enrich the lessons as well as current texts and exercises. All course material is included in the price.

The Spanish courses at the language school in Malaga are for participants above the age of 14.

Course Prices (in Euro)

All course fees include the following: the course as described, a placement test and course certificate, course material and course books, City tour Malaga, welcome package, Welcome- and Farewell Drink, internet access (WLAN).
Saving tip 1: The longer the course the cheaper the price per week!
Saving tip 2: Travelling alone? Share a double room (DR)!

Special offer 1: 5% student discount off the course price in Malaga.
Special offer 2: One course week for free if you book a two-weeks Spanish course in Malaga by 30.09.2018!

<< 1 Wo..2 Wo..3 Wo..4 Wo..5 Wo..6 Wo..7 Wo..8 Wo..9 Wo..10 Wo..11 Wo..12 Wo..13 Wo..14 Wo..15 Wo..16 Wo..17 Wo..18 Wo..19 Wo..20 Wo..Extrawo.. >>
Standard Spanish Course (20 lessons/week) 195 €383 €524 €636 €775 €929 €1066 €1187 €1335 €1482 €1633 €1738 €1875 €2019 €2163 €2307 €2502 €2697 €2892 €3087 €195 €
Intensive Spanish Course (30 lessons/week)312 €589 €765 €929 €1162 €1385 €1616 €1831 €2000 €2215 €2436 €2577 €2785 €2999 €3214 €3428 €3740 €4052 €4364 €4676 €312 €
DELE Exam Course (25 lessons/week)--496 €745 €993 €----------------------------------
Private Spanish Course (20 hrs/week)760 €1520 €2280 €3040 €3800 €4560 €5320 €6080 €6840 €7600 €8360 €9120 €9880 €10640 €11400 €12160 €12920 €13680 €14440 €15200 €760 €
Private Spanish Course (30 hrs/week)1140 €2280 €3420 €4560 €5700 €6840 €7980 €9120 €10260 €11400 €12540 €13680 €14820 €15960 €17100 €18240 €19380 €20520 €21660 €22800 €1140 €
Additional Tuition (5 hrs/week)190 €380 €570 €760 €950 €1140 €1330 €1520 €1710 €1900 €2090 €2280 €2470 €2660 €2850 €3040 €3230 €3420 €3610 €3800 €190 €
Additional Tuition (10 hrs/week)380 €760 €1140 €1520 €1900 €2280 €2660 €3040 €3420 €3800 €4180 €4560 €4940 €5320 €5700 €6080 €6460 €6840 €7220 €7600 €380 €
50+ Programme (20 lessons + activities/week)238 €513 €--------------------------------------
Spanish + Dance (4 lessons/week)102 €204 €306 €408 €510 €612 €714 €816 €918 €1020 €1122 €1224 €1326 €1428 €1530 €1632 €1734 €1836 €1938 €2040 €102 €
Spanish + Gastronomy (4 lessons/week)102 €204 €306 €408 €510 €612 €714 €816 €918 €1020 €1122 €1224 €1326 €1428 €1530 €1632 €1734 €1836 €1938 €2040 €102 €
Spanish + Guitar (4 lessons/week)102 €204 €306 €408 €510 €612 €714 €816 €918 €1020 €1122 €1224 €1326 €1428 €1530 €1632 €1734 €1836 €1938 €2040 €102 €
Spanish + Tourism (4 lessons/week)102 €204 €306 €408 €510 €612 €714 €816 €918 €1020 €1122 €1224 €1326 €1428 €1530 €1632 €1734 €1836 €1938 €2040 €102 €

SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast
hrs – hours: 60minutes.
Lesson: 50 minutes.
The 50+ course starts on certain dates.
Exam fees are not included in the price.

Course Dates and Info

You should consider the following dates when planning your language journey to Malaga, Spain:

2018 start dates of general language courses: Every Monday

2018 start dates for 50+ language courses: 15 January, 29 Januray, 02 April, 16 April, 30 April, 14 May, 04 June, 18 June, 01 October, 15 October, 05 November 19 November, 03 December.

2018 DELE exam dates: to be updated

2018 weekday holidays in Malaga: 01 January, 28 February, 30 March, 01 May, 15 August, 20 August, 12 October, 01 November, 06 December.




To make your language journey to Malaga a success, choosing the appropriate accommodation is as important as choosing the right course. Debla, our language school in Malaga, offers you different types of accommodation, so that your trip to Spain will meet all of your wishes.

A very popular option is staying with a host family. This way you'll not only get an intimate insight into the Spanish lifestyle, you'll also have the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice right away! If, on the other hand, you want a little more independence, there is accommodation available on campus, in the same building as the school. So you'll enjoy a beautiful terrace with a sea view while living with your classmates. Also available are shared apartments with your choice of single or double room and kitchen, bathroom, and living room shared with your flat mates. We can also arrange a private apartment or accommodation in a lovely hotel not far from the language school.


The popular shared apartments in Malaga are comparable to a traditional flat share. You’ll be living in a single or double room (bookable for single travelers as well) and share a kitchen, bathroom and living room with your flatmates. Community apartments are a 15-30-minute walk and a 10-minute bus journey away from the language school.

The beach is in immediate proximity as well. You have access to washing machines in the shared apartments. Language students are responsible for cleaning the apartments during their stay. Shared apartments in Malaga are also equipped with free internet access (Wi-Fi). Your lease for the shared apartment will run from the Sunday evening before the start of your course until the Saturday morning after the completion of the programme. Additional nights can be booked for a surcharge. Please note that a deposit of €30 is payable upon arrival.

Private Apartment

Private Apartments in Malaga - In addition to shared apartments, the language school also offers accommodation in private apartments. This is particularly recommended if you prefer to be flexible and independent and value your privacy.

Private apartments consist of one big room or a living room and a bedroom, a small kitchen and a bathroom. Accommodation is appropriate for 1-2 persons, depending on the apartment type.

The language school is a 20-minute walk away.This makes for easy living in Spain. Please contact us for a quote.

Host Family

Accommodation with a host family is very popular with our language students. You will get the opportunity to gain insight into Spanish culture and to experience the day-to-day life of a Spanish family.

From a linguistic point of view, accommodation with a host family makes sense as well: you’ll be able to actively train the skills you acquired during class. Host families offer half-board services: you will have breakfast and lunch or dinner together with the family. Accommodation can be arranged in single or double rooms. The language school can assign you a roommate for your double room. The language school has carefully selected all host families in Malaga. They often have longstanding experience in dealing with international language students on a language journey to Spain.


Participants who prefer flexibility and independence will enjoy accommodation in the language school’s residence in Malaga. The school residence in Malaga is located in the same building as the language school and boasts a terrace with a gorgeous view over the Mediterranean Sea. Accommodation in the residence can be arranged in single or double rooms. Double rooms can be reserved for single travelers as well; in this case, the language school will select an appropriate roommate.

Residents must provide for their own catering. Language students have access to a fully furnished kitchen (with cooking utensils, dishes etc.) and share several spacious bathrooms. A TV, DVD player, hi-fi equipment and free internet access (Wi-Fi) are available to language students in a living-dining room. A washing machine can be accessed as well. Weekly cleaning and fresh bed-linen is included in the price. The lease for the residence will extend from the Sunday evening before the start of the course until the Saturday morning after the completion of the programme. Additional nights can be booked for a surcharge. Please note that a deposit of €30 is payable upon arrival. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding accommodation or your language journey to Spain.


Our language school in Malaga gives you the chance to experience Andalusia in all its splendour thanks to numerous excursions and activities. Visit exciting historical cities like Seville, Cordoba or Granada or let the picturesque villages in Malaga’s hinterlands enthrall you!

Morocco is a popular destination for our language students as well: the African continent is not far away and you’ll have ample opportunity to get to know the Moorish culture that heavily influenced Spain and Andalusia in particular.

Of course, the language school does more than organise excursions to the different regions and cities of Andalusia. Weekly cultural visits to historic sites in Malaga are on offer as well. Trips to the “San Miguel” brewery or the “Hojiblanca” olive oil factory are regular parts of the programme, as is a weekly trip to the Picasso Museum, with or without a guided tour. We definitely recommend the trip to Bodega where the world-famous Malaga wine is produced. Welcome and farewell parties are held in the language school to allow the international language students to mingle. The school also offers dancing lessons. Students can look forward to tasty paella feasts, and the school’s dedicated team will gladly show you how to prepare a traditional “Tortilla Española” or Andalusian Gazpacho!