Learn Spanish in Madrid

MadridMadrid is an extremely attractive travel destination to learn Spanish in Spain and will definitely inspire you. Spanish language courses in Madrid are exciting as you will be staying in a large European city full of flair and vitality. The way of life in Madrid will fascinate you. There are numerous sightseeing opportunities and attractions to choose from. In addition, the people of Madrid speak pure Spanish and this will contribute to your foreign language learning process.

Sightseeing in Madrid is always fun and interesting for visitors. Palacio Real with its Cathedral and beautiful Sabatini garden, the art museums with breathtaking masterpieces and the legendary shopping street Gran Via offer plenty to suit every taste. Speaking of taste, Madrid is a true culinary revelation. Your taste buds will find real joy in the many cafés and tapas bars. These places are part of Madrid’s cultural background as well. After enjoying great works of art displayed at the Museo Del Prado, you should definitely enjoy the art of Spanish cuisine!

For those who would like to see a lot of green, Madrid has a plenty to offer as well. There are a lot of beautiful parks, which are also popular destinations for the locals. Spain is a real kingdom, even when it comes to sport. However, here there is one sport that reins over others - football. You can visit the stadium of Real Madrid, one of the best football clubs in the world to see the players in action on their own field! If you’d prefer to see greenery in a slightly less frantic environment however, that’s no problem either. Madrid has many well-maintained golf courses that welcome both beginners and ambitious pros. 

A Spanish language course in Madrid will get you acquainted with the country, people and, of course, the Spanish language.


Our School Location

One of the most distinctive features of our school in Madrid is its central location in the exclusive Salamanca district. The area is one of the most affluent areas of Madrid with many luxury hotels and designer shops as well as a wide variety of shopping centres, cafes and restaurants in the neighbourhood. We wish you lots of fun in Spain!

School Facilities

Our partner school in Madrid is centrally located in the heart of the historic Salamanca district of Madrid and is an ideal place to be to enjoy all the activities. Puerta del Sol is only 3 stops away on the underground.

In the immediate vicinity, there are also numerous shops, restaurants and cafes and the three major museums - Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofia - are within walking distance. The school is in a beautiful historic building with free Wi-Fi and modern interactive touch-screen computers for the students. Here you can study in the peace and quiet or plan sightseeing trips with friends. The friendly and helpful staff are always willing to answer any questions you have. There are several classrooms in the school and a Self-Study Centre with Internet access. There is plenty of reading and listening material here to help you study, and improve your language or just to look through. The teachers and staff look forward to welcoming students who are keen to learn Spanish and get to know the Spanish capital at its best. These are the perfect conditions for a pleasant and productive stay in a charming city.

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Student lounge
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School Accreditation

The language school in Madrid is recognised by several significant bodies and meets the highest standards.

As an example, the school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, which specialises in the international promotion of Spanish language and culture and is the most important Spanish award possible. This accreditation guarantees high quality and outstanding performance.

The school is also a member of FEDELE (Federación de Escuelas de Español como Lengua Extranjera), an association of Spanish language schools, as well as the AEEEM (Business Association of Spanish Language Schools in Madrid) and the FIDESCU (Foundation for Research and the development of Spanish culture).

An additional award is the accreditation from the Camera de Comercio. This means that the school can offer official preparation courses for the Business Spanish exam and is a recognised examination centre.

Student Reviews

Language Courses

Our language school in Madrid offers a wide variety of Spanish language courses for individuals with different study goals and levels of language proficiency such as “Business Spanish”, “DELE preparation courses”, and “Standard Spanish”. Course intensity can be adjusted according to your preferences as well.

If you want to make the most of your time in Spain, we recommend intensive language courses with 25 lessons per week. If you are looking for a balance between learning and leisure, language courses with fewer lessons per week are also available in Madrid. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes.

All Spanish courses in Madrid are taught in small groups of no more than 8 participants therefore teachers are able to attend to each individual and everyone will have ample opportunity to exercise their Spanish skills. Furthermore, our language school offers private lessons which specifically cater to the study goals and areas of interest of the participant. Language courses in Madrid can be booked for a duration of one week. To accurately determine the Spanish language proficiency level of its participants, our language school asks every participant to take an online placement test. An oral test on the first day in Spain will be used to confirm the classification. The minimum age for participation in one of the language courses in Madrid is 17 years old.

Course Prices (in Euro)

Bestpreis Garantie SprachreiseAll course prices include: Spanish language Courses as described, first course book and course materials, placement test and course certificate, welcome dinner in a typical Spanish restaurant, free Internet access, free use of the library, student card, free phone and smart phone rental, activities program (excluding entry and transfer prices).

Tip: The longer the course, the cheaper the price per week!

<< 1 Wo..2 Wo..3 Wo..4 Wo..5 Wo..6 Wo..7 Wo..8 Wo..9 Wo..10 Wo..11 Wo..12 Wo..13 Wo..14 Wo..15 Wo..16 Wo..17 Wo..18 Wo..19 Wo..20 Wo..Extrawo.. >>
Standard Spanish Course (20 lessons/week)170 €340 €510 €680 €850 €1020 €1190 €1360 €1530 €1700 €1870 €2040 €2210 €2380 €2550 €2720 €2890 €3060 €3230 €3400 €170 €
Intensive Spanish Course (30 lessons/week)250 €500 €750 €1000 €1250 €1500 €1750 €2000 €2250 €2500 €2750 €3000 €3250 €3500 €3750 €4000 €4250 €4500 €4750 €5000 €250 €
DELE Exam Course (20 + 10 lessons/week)--500 €--1000 €----------------------------------
Standard Business Spanish Course (20 + 5 lessons/week)345 €690 €1035 €1380 €1725 €2070 €2415 €2760 €3105 €3450 €3795 €4140 €4485 €4830 €5175 €5520 €5865 €6210 €6555 €6900 €345 €
Intensive Business Spanish Course (20 + 10 lessons/week)470 €940 €1410 €1880 €2350 €2820 €3290 €3760 €4230 €4700 €5170 €5640 €6110 €6580 €7050 €7520 €7990 €8460 €8930 €9400 €470 €
Private Spanish Course (20 lessons/week)600 €1200 €1800 €2400 €3000 €3600 €4200 €4800 €5400 €6000 €6600 €7200 €7800 €8400 €9000 €9600 €10200 €10800 €11400 €12000 €600 €
Private Spanish Course (30 lessons/week)900 €1800 €2700 €3600 €4500 €5400 €6300 €7200 €8100 €9000 €9900 €10800 €11700 €12600 €13500 €14400 €15300 €16200 €17100 €18000 €900 €
Additional Tuition (5 lessons/week)175 €350 €525 €700 €875 €1050 €1225 €1400 €1575 €1750 €1925 €2100 €2275 €2450 €2625 €2800 €2975 €3150 €3325 €3500 €175 €
Additional Tuition (10 lessons/week)300 €600 €900 €1200 €1500 €1800 €2100 €2400 €2700 €3000 €3300 €3600 €3900 €4200 €4500 €4800 €5100 €5400 €5700 €6000 €300 €

Course Dates and Info

National holidays: 01.01.2018 , 19.03.2018 , 30.03.2018 , 01.05.2018 , 15.05.2018 , 15.08.2018 , 12.10.2018 , 01.11.2018 , 09.11.2018 , 06.12.2018 , 25.12.2018
Starting dates beginners: 08.01.2018 , 22.01.2018 , 05.02.2018 , 19.02.2018 , 05.03.2018 , 19.03.2018 , 09.04.2018 , 23.04.2018 , 07.05.2018 , 21.05.2018 , 04.06.2018 , 18.06.2018 , 02.07.2018 , 16.07.2018 , 06.08.2018 , 20.08.2018 , 03.09.2018 , 17.09.2018 , 01.10.2018 , 15.10.2018 , 05.11.2018 , 19.11.2018 , 03.12.2018 , 17.12.2018
Starting Date DELE exam preparation: 15.01.2018 , 29.01.2018 , 12.03.2018 , 26.03.2018 , 23.04.2018 , 07.05.2018 , 18.06.2018 , 02.07.2018 , 20.08.2018 , 03.09.2018 , 10.09.2018 , 24.09.2018 , 15.10.2018 , 29.10.2018
Starting dates: Start every Monday
Starting dates: Start every Monday
Starting dates beginners: 08.01.2019 , 21.01.2019 , 04.02.2019 , 18.02.2019 , 04.03.2019 , 18.03.2019 , 01.04.2019 , 15.04.2019 , 29.04.2019 , 13.05.2019 , 27.05.2019 , 10.06.2019 , 24.06.2019 , 08.07.2019 , 22.07.2019 , 05.08.2019 , 19.08.2019 , 02.09.2019 , 16.09.2019 , 30.09.2019 , 14.10.2019 , 28.10.2019 , 11.11.2019 , 25.11.2019 , 10.12.2019
National holidays: 01.01.2019 , 07.01.2019 , 18.04.2019 , 19.04.2019 , 01.05.2019 , 02.05.2019 , 15.05.2019 , 15.08.2019 , 12.10.2019 , 01.11.2019 , 09.11.2019 , 06.12.2019 , 09.12.2019 , 25.12.2019
SR - Single room; DR - Twin/double room; -

Registration fee of the language school (30€)

SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast
Lesson: 45 minutes.
DELE exam fee is not included in the price.

Course Dates and Info


Appropriate accommodation is a definite requirement for a successful trip, and a language course abroad is, of course, no exception. Only if you feel comfortable will you be able to sleep well and be motivated to study and discover new places. Our language school has carefully selected its accommodation options to provide you with an altogether enjoyable travel experience.

Choose from a variety of accommodation options one that suits you best - a host family, a shared apartment, a student residence or a hotel. It’s your choice! Accommodation is usually available for occupation starting the Sunday before the beginning of your course. Courses end on Fridays and departure will be arranged for Saturdays. Additional nights can be included in your reservation.

All accommodation options are within a 30-minute radius from the school and have good access to public transport. Some are within a short walking distance. Upon arrival at the language school, you will be asked to pay a deposit that you will receive back in full if no damages occur. The deposit for host families and shared apartments is € 60 and must be paid via credit card.

Please contact us if you would like to be advised on the various types of accommodation. We will gladly help you plan your journey to Spain!


Staying in a shared apartment is a good choice for everyone who wants to be independent yet also wants to socialise. These apartments bring language students of various nationalities together, whilst they each have their own room. Those traveling together can also book a double bedroom.

The apartments are fully furnished apartments, with a well equipped kitchen, a living/dining area with TV and, depending on the size of the apartment, one or more bathrooms. For an additional charge, you can book a private bathroom. However as the availability for a private bathroom is limited, you should book as early as possible if you are interested in this option. Bed linen and towels are provided and a washing machine is available. The apartment is a self-catered accommodation. It takes 10 to 30 minutes to get to the school on foot or by public transport. Arrivals are normally on Sundays, departures on Saturdays. Please note you are required to make a deposit of EUR 60 on arrival at the language school.

Each language student has his or her own apartment key and can come and go independently – whether you are returning from a party in the early hours of the morning or set off at 4am to enjoy the sunrise over Madrid in peace. Have fun in Spain!

Host Family

A popular type of accommodation in Spain is staying with a host family as you really learn about the Spanish day to day life in this setting. A host family can be a family with children, a couple or someone living on their own. All hosts are chosen with care and are used to receiving international visitors.

Every language student will be accommodated in a single room, or, when traveling together, in a double room, at their host family's house. Bed linen and towels are provided and you can even do your laundry once a week at the house. 

In addition, two meals are included in the price - a breakfast and one main meal. You can choose from. A typical Spanish breakfast consists of bread (normally toasted and served with olive oil) or biscuits with coffee and milk. Lunch is eaten between 2 and 3 pm as the main meal of the day, followed by a light supper between 9 and 10 pm.

Please note that you should plan to arrive at your host family’s house on Sunday and leave on Saturday. Upon arrival at the language school a deposit of EUR 60 is payable (via credit card only).


The summer residence is a great accommodation option for young and open-minded participants. The summer residences are available from mid-June to mid-September and are located near Plaza de España, Palacio de Moncloa and the Casa de Campo Park in central Madrid. There is a direct underground connection and you can get to the school in less than 20 minutes. 

Guests can stay in a single room, or can book a double room if they are travelling together. In general, the bathrooms are shared. A room with a private bathroom can be booked for an additional charge. All the rooms have free Internet access and a fan and there is a phone that you can use to receive incoming calls. The bed linen and towels are provided in and are changed and ironed weekly. The rooms are cleaned daily and even your laundry is washed once a week. A summer residence offers plenty of opportunities to meet other students and to fully enjoy your stay abroad in a lively environment. Students can watch TV together or talk to other Spanish students in the lounge areas.

The price for the summer residence in Madrid includes full board. Breakfast normally consists of juice, assorted pastries, toast and coffee. You have a varied selection of other healthy meals during the day. 

Arrival is on Sunday and departure is on Saturdays.

We are happy to help you choose the right accommodation!


Madrid, the Spanish capital, is one of the most exciting cities in Spain and it offers plenty of sights and attractions for you to enjoy.

The school firmly believes that learning should not only be based in the classroom but also supported by the provision of a diverse range of activities outside it. So, to allow you to discover this unique city, the school organises many different activities and there is hardly any other language school that organises so many. These include city tours where the students visit popular places such as: Plaza Mayor, Retiro Park, Sol or the Royal Palace. Guided tours of museums and exhibitions, including: the famous Prado museum, Reina Sophia, San Isidro or the National Museum of Archaeology, allow students to learn more about Spanish art and culture.

In addition to organising visits to various places of interest, the school has a varied program and, to name a few, it offers you an introduction to belly dancing plus the chance to learn flamenco.

Gastronomy is also on the menu and you can get together over dinner with students from around the world. In addition, the school organises what they call `Intercambios` where the students have the opportunity to improve their Spanish through conversation with locals.