English Language Courses in New York City

Our language school in New York offers a comprehensive programme of English language courses to suit all participants’ needs – whatever their individual goals. Our group courses allow you to improve and develop your general English skills. Business English courses are also offered in New York as well as longer-term programmes, which can run for a full academic year, or specific training for English language examinations. The discerning business professional can take advantage of the Executive Language Courses held at our superior Executive Center.

English language courses at our New York school are based on the four pillars of foreign language learning: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Grammar and vocabulary are always taught in context, so that the theory can easily be applied in "real-life" scenarios. Lessons are interesting, interactive and fun so participants are especially motivated to constantly push themselves in their language learning. Course materials cover a wide range of various topics and videos, CDs, the Internet, and newspaper clippings all provide access to authentic, up-to-date English in context.

Group courses have no more than twelve students in a class however on average groups of 8 – 10 participants are more common. Each lesson lasts fifty minutes. On your first day you'll be given a placement test to assess your written and oral skills in English and help place you into the appropriate course level. This assessment allows the language instruction to be as homogeneous as possible and ensures that the participants in the English courses are neither under nor over challenged. The placement test in New York, the course materials (there is a deposit for the course book) and a certificate upon completion of the course are included in the course price.

The language school in New York offers English courses for adults and therefore only accepts participants aged 16 years and older.