Spanish Language Courses in Malaga

To meet the diverse needs and interests of its students, the language school in Malaga offers a variety of Spanish courses. Whether you want to improve your general Spanish skills or work on specific subjects, whether you're more interested in having a relaxing holiday or you want to base your stay mainly around learning a new language, the Debla school in Malaga has the right Spanish course for your needs!

Since its founding, Debla, our language school in Malaga, has always placed great emphasis on the quality of its Spanish language courses. Debla continuously evaluates and perfects its teaching methods to keep its focus on the wishes and needs of its students. Beyond just grammar and vocabulary, Spanish classes at Debla place great importance on interactive communication. Participants learn to use the Spanish language actively and communicate in everyday situations in the target language. To keep the focus on the interests and needs of their students, Debla's Spanish courses in Malaga are always taught in small groups of no more than eight participants. 

On your first day of classes in Spain, you'll sit both a written and oral placement test in order to be optimally placed into course groups. Spanish courses are offered for the six different skill levels outlined in the "European Frame of Reference" (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). The school has created its own textbooks which it provides for students while at the school. The Spanish courses in Malaga also use video projectors to enrich the lessons as well as current texts and exercises. All course material is included in the price.

The Spanish courses at the language school in Malaga are for participants above the age of 16.