Business English Courses

Business English is ideal both for those who need to use the English language in their professional lives and for those who wish to learn as much as they can in the USA as quickly as possible. These courses are comprised of 30 different 45-minute long lessons. 20 of the 30 lessons concentrate on general English and 10 concentrate on business English. Courses are made up of a maximum of 14 participants and will be customized to meet your personal needs. Business English is meant for participants with either intermediate or advanced English who would like to prepare for an international career abroad or at home.

The course covers the following topics (the students can decide which points they would like to focus on the most): telephone conversations, business meetings, presentations, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving, negotiation, writing professional reports, and the writing of both emails and letters. Tips will also be given on writing English CVs and participating in interviews.

Business English lessons can be combined with private lessons in order for students to intensify their language experience and focus on their own particular language goals.