Private tuition in Siena

The private courses are ideal for those who want to be individually supported on an intensive program of Italian language lessons.

You can have 10 or more lessons per week with between 2 and 6 lessons per day with your personal Italian teacher. The courses are designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. You can decide for yourself whether you want to focus on vocabulary building, conversation, grammar, Italian Culture, Italian for business, or other specific areas of interest. Our Italian teachers are able to help you in a variety of specific topic areas as they are skilled in different fields, such as medicine, economics, history, journalism and more.

The language school in Siena has worked with major international companies, major newspapers, Embassies of the European Parliament as well as international artists. We can arrange visits to companies, major attractions or other events that interest you personally.

You will love the Italian food as well as the Italian language and you could have your private lesson while enjoying a leisurely meal experiencing linguistic and culinary enrichment at the same time! Learn in a relaxed atmosphere with the full attention of your private teacher, and in this way your Italian can improve enormously within a short period of time.