Special course `Italian and culture`

The Italian language reveals many of the peculiarities of the Italian culture. Our Italian language school in Siena offers a course on Italian and culture so that you can get to know more detail about how the two are related. This course allows you to bet closer to the Italian language through very special cultural aspects of Italian.

In addition to your Italian language course you will get to know the country and people in Italy through various cultural activities. Siena is a historically and culturally rich city as well as its surroundings and well worth including in the course. Visit the museums or many places of cultural interest and become totally immersed in the Italian way of life. You can take great pleasure in discovering the cultural treasures in Siena and then make connections between the Italian language and these fascinating themes in a fun and exciting way.

You can book the Italian and culture course with 15 hours of Italian and 4 hours of the cultural program, or 20 hours on the Standard Italian course plus 4 hours of the culture program, a wine tasting session and 2 hours of cookery. The courses are available to participants of all ages and all levels. Experience the riches of the Italian language, culture and way of life on this exclusive course program of Italian and Culture.