English language courses in Vancouver

We offer three different courses for our participants to improve their general English: Standard, Semi-Intensive and Intensive English courses.

These courses are offered at all levels from beginner to advanced. To make sure that you are placed into the right group level there will be a placement test on the first day. There are also short tests during the course to monitor your progress. The courses start every Monday, and the maximum class size is 15 participants. Especially in the low season there are often fewer participants in the group.

In the general language English classes, the focus is placed on the four main language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The focus is on fluency and you will practice and improve your understanding and use of English. The language teachers go to great lengths to make the courses as interactive as possible, using classic course books as well as different resources, such as newspapers, television, radio and the Internet. Through exploring situations and topics from everyday life the language areas are as realistic as possible and this aims to facilitate the independent use of language.
On the Intensive English course program you have a choice of topics to select from in the afternoons including topics such as: `The Language of Music`, `The World of Words`, speaking, films, and the media.

The Standard English course consists of 20 lessons per week. The Intensive English courses provide a deeper insight into the language. The Semi-Intensive course consists of 24 lessons and the Intensive English course consists of 30 lessons. Each lesson is 45 minutes.

Additional tuition (optional)

Students at our school in Vancouver can have additional individual 1:1 lessons in combination with the group classes. Here, you can choose from 5 or 10 individual lessons of 45 minutes each. This combination provides the most intensive form of language learning. In these individual lessons, the teachers consider your specific needs and requirements. This means that you could also choose to look at topics such as: business, medicine, engineering and so on, and the language teacher will then prepare the course according to your specifications.