Exam preparation courses

Universities and international employers expect people to have taken any one of several different exams to verify their language level. The language school in Toronto offers many courses to help you prepare for these examinations. It is possible to take a course to prepare for the IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge exams.

To successfully pass the IELTS or TOEFL test we recommend that you take an Exam Preparation course for a duration of 6-12 weeks. These courses consist of 20 lessons per week and each lesson is 45 minutes. To take part on one of the exam preparation courses you should have a level of at least intermediate. Participants will have the opportunity to join the courses on any Monday.

The Cambridge exam preparation course consists of 30 lessons per week. The course duration is 8 or 12 weeks, and the courses start on specific dates. To take part on one of this exam preparation course you should have a level of intermediate or upper-intermediate.

The aim of these courses is to prepare the students as much as possible for the exam they choose. These courses use special materials and textbooks and many sample test questions. Reading and listening comprehension and speaking and writing are important elements of the exam preparation courses and are specifically designed to help you pass the test.
The IELTS certificate (International English Language Testing System) is required by most Canadian, British, Maltese, Australian and South African colleges and universities, and is required in some American institutions. The IELTS qualification is also required when immigrating to Australia or Canada.

More than 25 million people have already passed the TOEFL test (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and it is recognised almost universally. This test is used to assess your level of English at university level and is acknowledged in more than 130 countries and in more than 8,000 institutions, and most universities in North America.

The Cambridge ESOL certificate is valid for life and accepted by universities, colleges and employers around the world. There are three distinct levels available:
The FCE (First Certificate of English) is suitable for those participants who are to a large extent confident in their written and spoken English.
The CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) is suitable for examinees who can use a high-level of spoken and written English in an academic and professional context.
In contrast, the CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) is the most advanced level. This proves that the person demonstrates competence in using English in almost every possible situation.

You can book 5 or 10 additional individual 1:1 lessons in combination with the group course in order to improve your language skills even more.