Academic year in South Africa

Living abroad for a long time and learning the local language is a unique experience where you can face challenges, gain confidence, and make friendships with people from all over the world - so why not in South Africa? Your level of English will improve greatly, your horizons will be expanded and you will have the edge over other people in the field of work.

The academic year is suitable for all levels (Beginner to Advanced). The minimum duration for this program is 24 weeks, and it consists of 20 or 30 weekly lessons of 45 minutes each. The courses start every Monday and the maximum group size is 12 participants.

Once you have reached an Upper-Intermediate level of English you can choose between two options: `English for Work & Life` and `English for University`. These programs are divided into two levels, and each level takes between 12 to 16 weeks. If you choose to take 30 lessons per week you can take part in preparation courses for accredited exams or specialise in other specific topic areas.

Our language school in Cape Town provides the participants on the academic year program with a supervisor who they meet regularly to help make sure that they are achieve their learning goals.

A personal Language Portfolio is created with the help of your teacher so that you get as much as possible out of your academic year in South Africa. This includes a structured syllabus which helps you to prioritise your learning in order to make the most progress. In order to meet your needs and requirements, the portfolio will record the results of tests and other work and help you find the most effective way of learning.

Participants on the 20-lesson Academic Year program will receive a certificate at the end of the course, and the participants on the 30-lesson Academic Year program will receive a special diploma issued by the language school.

This language program is particularly suitable for those who are going on to university, those who want to have an advantage in the working world or want to improve their English skills during the time before they finish their studies.

If you are going on to an English-speaking University on an undergraduate or postgraduate course, then the `English for University `program is the ideal choice. To participate on these programs you will need to have an Upper Intermediate or Advanced level of English. A course of at least 24 weeks will be sufficient for you to go onto a degree course at an English-speaking University.