Exam preparation courses

Whether you plan to attend an English speaking university or English speaking company, then our exam preparation courses are for you. All accredited English speaking universities and majority of English speaking companies will require English speaking competency test of some sort. The English speaking competency test will certify that you can speak the necessary level of English that is required by the university or employer.

Our language school in San Diego will prepare you for your exam of choice. Our exam preparation course is well structured and will ensure you obtain the required level of English to take and pass these exams. Furthermore, our language school is prepared to meet the diverse needs of our individual students with individual learning concepts and seminars that focus on preparing each student.

Our language school in San Diego provides exam preparation classes for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and the Cambridge ESOL exams (English for Speakers of Other Languages). The TOEFL exam is a requirement of all accredited American universities and by many international companies. The course is optimized for students that have an intermediate level of English and includes 30 lessons of 45 minutes with a maximum class size of 12 students. This course focuses on writing, speaking, comprehension and reading which are all covered in the TOEFL exam. The course will start every Monday.

Additionally, our TOEFL preparation course can be combined with our Standard English Course. It is intended that students will take our Standard English course prior to the TOEFL preparation course. The combination of our Standard English course and the exam preparation will help reinforce English skills needed to pass the TOEFL exam and is recommended for students who feel they are not at an intermediate level of English.

The Cambridge ESOL preparation consists of three different language courses which are the Upper Intermediate (FCE), Advanced (CAE and Proficiency (CPE). Each exam certifies the student with a knowledge base from FCE as the upper middle level and the CPE as the highest knowledge level. The courses focus on the central elements of writing, speaking, comprehension and reading a foreign language. The course consists of 30 lessons of 45 minutes with a maximum of 12 students. The course duration will be between 8 and 12 weeks. We will offer the course four times a year.

Private lessons are also possible in combination with our exam preparation courses. Additional 5 to 10 private courses can be added to your group courses. This is an excellent chance to sit one on one with your teacher to help focus on your weaknesses.