Teacher training in Ireland

The school offers special courses for teachers who teach English in their home country. These "Teacher Training Courses" can be subsidised by the Comenius Foundation.

The teacher training course in Ireland runs for 2 weeks, and takes place several times a year on specified dates:

Course Dates 2014 
 Registration deadline

Monday 14 April – Friday 25 April
Monday 05 August – Friday 15 August
Monday 06 October – Friday 17 October
Monday 20 October - Friday 31 October


Friday 21 March
Friday 11 July
Friday 12 September
Friday 26 September

The course includes 20 lessons / week of 50 minutes. It includes: a guided city tour of Dublin, 2 cultural afternoon activities per week and an evening activity with traditional Irish music and an airport transfer can also be booked.

If you are interested, we will happily give you the corresponding Comenius reference number. Comenius grant applicants should apply directly to their Agency to obtain information on deadlines and selection criteria.