English language courses in Brighton

Our language school in Brighton offers several different English courses, each with a different goal. The general English course is for students who just want to improve their overall knowledge of the English language. The groups have a maximum of fourteen participants. The business English courses focus on language knowledge for career-orientated people. You can also enroll in a private course, which is the most intensive way to learn English. You can decide to go for private lessons only, or you can make reservations for a few private lessons in addition to the group course of your choice. Exam preparation, practical experience and a long term English class spread out over the course of an academic year are also some of the options available in Brighton. 

All English courses in Brighton are based on these four key components of language learning: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Discussion and group work are especially important in improving the knowledge of spoken English. Students learn vocabulary and grammar, all within context, and this enables them to bring what they learn into practice. The participants of the language course in Brighton also benefit from current teaching materials and the inclusion of other learning materials such as newspapers, videos and music.

Our language school in Brighton offers English language courses at all levels. To make sure that all participants are being trained at the appropriate level, all students take a placement test on their first day. As soon as we have the results of this test students are placed with others that have about the same proficiency. During their stay language students take several other tests so that they can see how much progress they’ve made.