Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Costa RicaA Spanish course in Costa Rica gives participants an opportunity of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Although Costa Rica is one of the smallest countries in Latin America, no other country offers greater biodiversity with its impressive natural beauty and exciting adventure tours. 

In Costa Rica, you can find everything from lava-streaming volcano peaks to crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean, from the grandiose tropical rainforest to the untouched Pacific sand beaches - adventurers and nature-lovers are guaranteed to experience a great deal and to have a lot to tell when they get back home. 

A Spanish course in Costa Rica is more than just a typical holiday; for participants, this experience is the key to the Spanish language, and will make the culture and traditions of Costa Rica more accessible to them.

In our language schools in Costa Rica participants learn the Spanish language in exciting and authentic environment with like-minded people of different backgrounds and nationalities. If you want to live with a local "Tico" guest family, a school apartment or in a luxurious hotel, together with the language school, we will give our best to guarantee that your accommodation in Costa Rica not only lives up to your expectations, but greatly exceeds them.

Costa Rica is really the perfect place for a perfect nature-orientated language holiday Pura Vida!

Our School Location

Our two language schools in Costa Rica benefit from different layers. The language school in San Jose is located in a quiet and safe area, between San Pedro and Zapote and is only 10 minutes by bus from the city centre. The public bus network in Costa Rica is very well developed and will take you almost anywhere. It is also very easy to get a taxi. Our Pacific language school is located in Manuel Antonio and has unique views. The National Park and the sea are not far away and for these reasons the school is a great place from which to explore Costa Rica's nature.

School Facilities

In order to enable our customers to get the most out of their language course, we work not only with the most renowned and recognised Spanish language schools in Costa Rica, but we also represent TWO language schools in Costa Rica. One of the schools is located in the heart of the country, in the capital San Jose.

The second school is located along the Pacific coast and is just a few minutes away from the spectacular Manuel Antonio Rainforest and the breathtaking beaches! Students can either choose one school or split language instruction in Spanish between the two destinations. During the stay, it is even possible to switch between schools in order to get the best of both worlds! The central location of San Jose and its proximity to many great attractions, have made this city an ideal starting point for exploring the central region of the country. On the other hand, Manuel Antonio, located on the Pacific coast, provides as many advantages and the additional convenience of its proximity to many attractions and activities. In the past, travelling in Costa Rica was difficult, especially during the rainy season. Today, however, it is relatively easy to get around in Costa Rica and to travel between the two language schools thanks to the flourishing economy and the construction of new roads.

24/7 student support
24/7 student support
Computer Room
Computer Room
Educational leave
Educational leave
Free activity programme
Free activity programme
Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi
Interactive white boards
Interactive white boards
School canteen or café
School canteen or café
School garden or terrace
School garden or terrace
Shopping nearby
Shopping nearby

School Accreditation

To make sure that we send our students only to the best language schools, it is very important to us that the schools are certified by recognised organisations and institutions.  

Our language schools in Costa Rica are therefore members of three organisations. The AATSP (The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese) aims to promote the study and teaching of Latin American, Luso-Brazilian and other related languages. The organisation supports learning foreign languages through the exchange of pedagogical and educational information. 

Furthermore, the language schools are members of ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organisations). The aim of this organisation is to set up globally recognised guidelines and to make the governments aware of the benefits of language course and educational trips. The primary focus of this award is the quality of the institution.

In addition to these memberships our schools in San Jose and on the Pacific coast are registered with FIYTO (Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations). This is a community of global trade for organizations and companies that specialise in youth travel. FIYTO aims to set and maintain specific standards in the field of youth exchange. Membership of FIYTO is a sign of credibility and respectability, because it only recognises reputable and financially stable companies.

Student Reviews

Language Courses

In order to teach Spanish and accommodate the requests and requirements of language students, our language schools offer various Spanish courses in Costa Rica. 

Improve your proficiency in Spanish in one of our general language courses in Costa Rica in order to communicate better in a Spanish-speaking country. Learning expressions and common phrases in everyday situations and studying grammar and vocabulary will contribute to your improvement. You can choose between two intensity levels of the Spanish language course in Costa Rica. The most intensive way to learn Spanish in Costa Rica is through a private course. This way you’ll receive private, one-to-one instruction from one language teacher and will also be given a tailored teaching plan. The instruction will be customised according to your wishes. Specialising in a specific subject is also possible with our specialist courses. Furthermore, our language schools in Costa Rica offer students the opportunity to participate in volunteer work.

To make sure you are assigned to the appropriate language proficiency level, an oral entrance exam will take place on the first day of the course. You will be tested for basics of the Spanish language. This allows classes to be organized in such a manner that no student will be overburdened or under-stimulated. 

The group courses consist of a maximum of 8 students, and, as a rule, the groups will be kept small even outside the season. One lesson lasts 45 minutes. The course material including books, the placement exam and the participation certificate is included in the price. Please keep in mind that our language school in Costa Rica is generally tailored to the education of adults. The Spanish courses in Costa Rica can be booked for students who are at least 17 years of age (group courses). Younger participants can book private courses as long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

The Sprachdirekt team is ready to answer any questions that you may have regarding the language courses in Costa Rica.

Course Prices (in Euro)

Pacific School Prices

All course fees include: courses as described, placement test and course certificate, course materials, information, orientation events, activities program, internet connection (WLAN), free coffee and tea
Save! The longer the course duration, the cheaper the price per week!


 San Jose School Prices

All course fees include: courses as described, placement test and course certificate, course materials, information, orientation events, activities program,tandem language exchange, spanish tutorial, internet connection (WLAN), free coffee and tea
Save! The longer the course duration, the cheaper the price per week!

<< 1 Wo..2 Wo..3 Wo..4 Wo..5 Wo..6 Wo..7 Wo..8 Wo..9 Wo..10 Wo..11 Wo..12 Wo..13 Wo..14 Wo..15 Wo..16 Wo..17 Wo..18 Wo..19 Wo..20 Wo..Extrawo.. >>
Standard Spanish Course Pacific (20 lessons/week)343 €686 €1030 €1214 €1514 €1813 €2112 €2411 €2710 €3010 €3309 €3608 €3907 €4206 €4506 €4805 €5104 €5403 €5702 €6002 €299 €
Intensive Spanish Course Pacific (20 + 10 lessons/week)607 €1214 €1822 €2152 €2688 €3225 €3762 €4299 €4836 €5372 €5909 €6446 €6983 €7520 €8056 €8593 €9130 €9667 €10204 €10740 €537 €
Private Spanish Course Pacific (20 lessons/week)607 €1214 €1822 €2152 €2688 €3225 €3762 €4299 €--------------------------
Private Spanish Course Pacific (30 lessons/week)950 €1901 €2851 €3366 €4202 €5038 €5874 €6710 €--------------------------
Additional Tuition Pacific (5 lessons/week)172 €172 €172 €152 €301 €451 €601 €750 €900 €1049 €1199 €1349 €1498 €1648 €1797 €1947 €2097 €2246 €2396 €2545 €150 €
Additional Tuition Pacific (10 lessons/week)343 €343 €343 €304 €603 €902 €1201 €1500 €1800 €2099 €2398 €2697 €2996 €3296 €3595 €3894 €4193 €4492 €4792 €5091 €299 €

<< 1 Wo..2 Wo..3 Wo..4 Wo..5 Wo..6 Wo..7 Wo..8 Wo..9 Wo..10 Wo..11 Wo..12 Wo..13 Wo..14 Wo..15 Wo..16 Wo..17 Wo..18 Wo..19 Wo..20 Wo..Extrawo.. >>
Standard Spanish Course San José (20 lessons/week)308 €616 €924 €1082 €1346 €1610 €1874 €2138 €2402 €2666 €2930 €3194 €3458 €3722 €3986 €4250 €4514 €4778 €5042 €5306 €264 €
Intensive Spanish Course San José (20 + 10 lessons/week)541 €1082 €1624 €1888 €2358 €2829 €3300 €3771 €4242 €4712 €5183 €5654 €6125 €6596 €7066 €7537 €8008 €8479 €8950 €9420 €471 €
Private Spanish Course San José (20 lessons/week)541 €1082 €1624 €1888 €2358 €2829 €3300 €7071 €10842 €14612 €18383 €22154 €25925 €29696 €33466 €37237 €41008 €44779 €48550 €52320 €3771 €
Private Spanish Course San José (30 lessons/week)849 €1698 €2548 €2970 €3705 €4440 €5174 €11084 €16993 €22902 €28811 €34720 €40630 €46539 €52448 €58357 €64266 €70176 €76085 €81994 €5909 €
Additional Tuition San José (5 lessons/week)154 €308 €462 €541 €673 €805 €937 €2006 €3076 €4145 €5214 €6283 €7352 €8422 €9491 €10560 €11629 €12698 €13768 €14837 €1069 €
Additional Tuition San José (10 lessons/week)308 €616 €924 €1082 €1346 €1610 €1874 €4013 €6151 €8290 €10428 €12566 €14705 €16843 €18982 €21120 €23258 €25397 €27535 €29674 €2138 €

Group Lesson: 45 minutes.
1 to 1 Lesson: 55 minutes.

Course Dates and Info

You should consider the following dates when planning your study trip to Costa Rica:

General courses in 2018: Start every Monday

Holidays in Costa Rica (weekdays) 2018: 01 January, 29 March, 30 March, 11 April, 01 Mai, 25 July, 02 August, 15 August, 15 September, 24 December, 25 December, 31 December


In addition to the language course, it’s also important to choose the right kind of accommodation for the duration of your language course. Due to different views and needs of language course participants, it’s possible to choose from several different accommodation options. Stay with a carefully selected host family and learn about the culture and customs of Costa-Ricans firsthand. Use this unique opportunity to use Spanish in everyday situations. By doing so, you will deepen your knowledge and increase your language proficiency. In San Jose, it’s also possible to live in an apartment of the school.

This type of accommodation offers a single room with a shared living room, kitchen and bathroom. It’s also possible to rent out the entire apartment with three bedrooms. Staying in a hotel is another option. Our language schools in San Jose and the Pacific coastline will gladly accommodate you should you decide to do so. Several hotels are available for you in both locations, and, if you’re interested, we’ll send you a selection of suitable hotels to choose from. Our language school in Costa Rica offers its students a free transfer service from the airport to their accommodation in San Jose. If students choose a language course on the Pacific coast, they will be picked up from the airport in San Jose and brought to the bus station where they can take a bus to the Manual Antonio Pacific Beach. In the case of students who have already made plans for a stopover in San Jose, they will be taken from the airport to the hotel. If you’re not sure what type of accommodation would be right for you, we would be more than happy to help you out. We look forward to hearing from you!  


If you don´t want to stay with a host family when you come to our school in San Jose, and you are staying for a minimum of 4 weeks, you have the additional choice of staying in an apartment. These fully equipped apartments are a short walk away from the school. There is a computer with Internet access in each apartment and a television in the lounge.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a refrigerator, cooker with an oven, microwave and all other necessary cooking utensils. Also, a room cleaning service is included in the price. Each apartment has three bedrooms each with a double bed. The kitchen, lounge and bathroom are shared by all the residents in the apartment. You can either rent the whole apartment or just one room as a single or double. Please note that double rooms can only be booked by two people travelling together. Bed linen and towels are provided. If you have any further questions about this type of accommodation in Costa Rica, please contact us.

Host Family

Homestay is the most popular type of accommodation for our language school students in Costa Rica and here you can live with a Costa Rican family. This is a great opportunity to get to know and love the family and immerse yourself in the culture of Costa Rica.

The open and friendly host families welcome you and accept you as part of the family and this gives you the chance to practise your Spanish. Homestay accommodation is available in San Jose and on the Pacific Coast. Most families in San Jose are located within walking distance of the school. To get to the Pacific language school you will need to take a short bus ride from the host family in Quepos. You can book either a single or double room in the host family, which includes: half board (breakfast and dinner) and a laundry service. The host families will provide bed linen and towels, but the towels should not be used for the beach. For this reason, the guests are asked to bring beach towels themselves. Please also note that double rooms can only be booked by two people travelling together. Some host families will accommodate participants who are travelling together with their children, but only a few places are available and they should be reserved as early as possible. The host families must meet our standards and they are inspected regularly. Please note that the South American standards are not comparable to those in Europe. The facilities are simple. The Sprachdirekt team is happy to answer any questions you have about staying with a host family.

Shared apartments

When you visit our Pacific language school in Costa Rica, we recommend Backpackers as a place to stay.

This property is located in Manuel Antonio within easy walking distance of the school.`Backpackers` in Manuel Antonio is a family-run youth hostel and they try hard to make their residents feel at home. There is a TV and DVD player with over 150 DVDs in the lounge area. Also, there is a fully equipped kitchen and a large terrace with a stereo and table tennis table. The terrace is very special because it is by the rain forest and you often get visits from monkeys, macaws and toucans. Internet with Wi-Fi is also available free of charge. Breakfast, linen and a room cleaning service are included in the price. Towels and a washing machine can be used for a small fee. `Backpackers` has just recently put in a bar and a pool for its residents. The swimming pool is in a great location with a fantastic view of the sea and the mountains and it creates a relaxed atmosphere that you can enjoy with friends. When you choose your accommodation, you can choose between a dormitory and single or double rooms, each with a shared bathroom. The central location of the Backpackers gives guests direct access to a supermarket, a bank with ATM, a pharmacy, pizzerias, cafes, restaurants and bars. The Backpackers is set back from the road and thus provides visitors with a secure and peaceful environment.


We offer an exciting activity program and different excursions for our students to get to know the culture and wonderful country of Costa Rica as well as the language. Once a week we hold merengue and salsa dance lesson for those who love dance.

Students can attend cooking classes, and once a month the students have the opportunity to share dishes from their own home with the other students. There are regular lectures on the history and culture of Costa Rica. In addition, the students can visit museums, the Supreme Court or the nearby universities in San Jose. Films are also shown in the schools. Most of these activities are included in the course price. Please note that the activity program will change each week. In addition, interesting tours and excursions can be booked at preferential rates through our language schools in San Jose and on the Pacific coast. Rafting, volcanoes, a butterfly farm, Heredia and a coffee tour are just a few examples of what is offered. Please contact our friendly and helpful staff at our schools to get answers to any questions you have. Our school in Manuel Antonio is located near the sea, and there are many other possible activities such as: fishing, snorkeling, diving, surfing and boogie boarding, white water rafting, kayaking, jet skiing, dolphin watching, sunset cruises, horseback riding and many other adventures.