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Our language courses for adults in Bournemouth are extremely popular for learning English in England. The family-run language school in the south of England has over 50 years' experience and is also recognised by the University of Cambridge as an official examination centre.

England might be known for its rain, but Bournemouth is actually one of the sunniest and driest regions of the country. The beautiful location on the south coast and the miles of beach add to your experience. Accreditation by the British Council and English UK ensures that you will be attending a high-quality English language course. Benefit from a standard or intensive course or improve your chances in the job market by passing the Cambridge exam. The helpful teachers, all native speakers, are always ready to help you with both your learning and your overall adventure.

Outside the classroom, you'll be amazed by the beauty of England's south coast. The school offers activities and trips to the different regions of England, including Oxford, London, Bath, Devon, and other areas around Bournemouth. Both the trips and the activities are designed to complement what you'll learn in the classroom and also give you the chance to apply what you've been learning. The teachers often use the topics such as Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace to help you learn more about English geography and history.

Bournemouth is best reached via Southampton International Airport. It's then just a short trip on public transportation to the school or the school can also arrange an airport transfer for you.

Our School Location

Here you can find a map and photos for the language school building that will give a better idea of what the area has to offer. As you can see, both the main school building and the Wentworth College are located in the centre of the picturesque neighbourhood of Southbourne and close to the beach!

School Facilities

The language school’s main building is well-equipped with a total of 22 classrooms, a large cafeteria (serving both cold and warm dishes), a modern computer lab with 16 new computers, a game room complete with a foosball table and videogames, free internet access (DSL) as well as a multimedia room and quiet rooms for concentrated study.

There is also a library, a bookstore and a fully-equipped language lab available.

At the entrance you will find our school’s office. Here you can get general information and assistance. The academic office will help with questions concerning lessons, accommodations, and lesson materials. 

The school owns 3 minibuses used for school-organised activities and day trips. These buses are also used to show language school participants Bournemouth and the surrounding area.

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School Accreditation

Student Reviews

Language Courses

All course fees include: Complete language course material including: exercise books, ring binders, city map, information pack, course certificate, use of computers and high-speed Internet access (WLAN), city excursion after the placement test, and full-day excursions on Saturdays (in high season), personal support from the student counselor and regular course feedback sessions with the class t


Course Prices (in Euro)

Bestpreis Garantie SprachreiseAll course prices include: Complete language course material including: exercise books, ring binders, city map, information pack, course certificate, use of computers and high-speed Internet access (WLAN), city excursion after the placement test, personal support from the student counselor and regular course feedback sessions with the class teacher.

Tip: The longer the course, the cheaper the price per week!

<< 1 Wo..2 Wo..3 Wo..4 Wo..5 Wo..6 Wo..7 Wo..8 Wo..9 Wo..10 Wo..11 Wo..12 Wo..13 Wo..14 Wo..15 Wo..16 Wo..17 Wo..18 Wo..19 Wo..20 Wo..Extrawo.. >>
Standard English Course (20 lessons/week)321 €557 €835 €1113 €1331 €1597 €1863 €2130 €2396 €2662 €2928 €3194 €3303 €3557 €3812 €4066 €4320 €4574 €4828 €5082 €254 €
Intensive English Course (28 lessons/week)369 €653 €980 €1307 €1573 €1888 €2202 €2517 €2831 €3146 €3461 €3775 €3933 €4235 €4538 €4840 €5143 €5445 €5748 €6050 €303 €
Standard Business English Course (20 lessons + 4 hrs/week)587 €1089 €1634 €2178 €2662 €3194 €3727 €4259 €4792 €5324 €5856 €6389 €6764 €7284 €7805 €8325 €8845 €9365 €9886 €10406 €520 €
Intensive Business English Course (20 lessons + 8 hrs/week)853 €1621 €2432 €3243 €3993 €4792 €5590 €6389 €7187 €7986 €8785 €9583 €10225 €11011 €11798 €12584 €13371 €14157 €14944 €15730 €787 €
Cambridge Exam Course (CAE) (28 lessons/week)------1452 €1573 €--------------------------------
Cambridge Exam Course (CPE) (28 lessons/week)------1452 €----------------------------------
Cambridge Exam Course (FCE) (28 lessons/week)----1089 €1452 €----------------------------------
Private English Course (20 hrs/week)1331 €2662 €3993 €5324 €6655 €7986 €9317 €10648 €11979 €13310 €14641 €15972 €17303 €18634 €19965 €21296 €22627 €23958 €25289 €26620 €1331 €
Private English Course (30 hrs/week)1997 €3993 €5990 €7986 €9983 €11979 €13976 €15972 €17969 €19965 €21962 €23958 €25955 €27951 €29948 €31944 €33941 €35937 €37934 €39930 €1997 €
Combined English Course (20 lessons + 6 hrs/week)678 €1355 €2033 €2710 €3388 €4066 €4743 €5421 €6098 €6776 €7454 €8131 €8809 €9486 €10164 €10842 €11519 €12197 €12874 €13552 €678 €
Combined English Course (28 lessons + 6 hrs/week)726 €1452 €2178 €2904 €3630 €4356 €5082 €5808 €6534 €7260 €7986 €8712 €9438 €10164 €10890 €11616 €12342 €13068 €13794 €14520 €726 €
Additional Tuition (4 hrs/week)266 €532 €799 €1065 €1331 €1597 €1863 €2130 €2396 €2662 €2928 €3194 €3461 €3727 €3993 €4259 €4525 €4792 €5058 €5324 €266 €
Additional Tuition (8 hrs/week)532 €1065 €1597 €2130 €2662 €3194 €3727 €4259 €4792 €5324 €5856 €6389 €6921 €7454 €7986 €8518 €9051 €9583 €10116 €10648 €532 €

Course Dates and Info

Starting dates: Start every Monday
National holidays: 10.04.2020 , 13.04.2020 , 08.05.2020 , 25.05.2020 , 31.08.2020
School holidays: 19.12.2020 - 03.01.2021
Starting dates beginners: 06.01.2020 , 03.02.2020 , 02.03.2020 , 06.04.2020 , 04.05.2020 , 01.06.2020 , 06.07.2020 , 03.08.2020 , 07.09.2020 , 05.10.2020 , 02.11.2020 , 07.12.2020
Starting dates Exam preparation (IELTS): 10.02.2020 , 23.03.2020 , 04.05.2020 , 29.06.2020 , 17.08.2020 , 28.09.2020 , 09.11.2020
Starting dates Exam Preparation courses (FCE): 17.02.2020 , 11.05.2020 , 10.08.2020 , 16.11.2020
Starting dates Exam Preparation courses (CAE): 17.02.2020 , 11.05.2020 , 02.11.2020
Starting dates Exam Preparation courses (CPE): 18.05.2020 , 02.11.2020
- ; SR - Single room; DR - Twin/double room

Your advantage with Sprachdirekt: No registration fee! (-121€); Registration fee of the language school (121€)

SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast
Lesson: 45 minutes
In the High Season (June 15th to August 28th) there is an extra charge of 25,- Euros per week for standard and intensive courses.
In the High Season (June 14th to August 30th) an extra charge of 26,- Euros per week is charged for host families.
SC – self-catering; HB – half board; FB – full board; BB – bed and breakfast
Lesson: 45 minutes

Course Dates and Info


Homestay is our most popular form of accommodation and the accommodation is located a few minutes from the school. The school demands the utmost care from the host family and tries to match the age and interests of the individual with the correct host family wherever possible.

Further we are very happy to offer a small selection of B&Bs in Bournemouth and the surrounding environment. They are mostly located within just a short walk from the school.

Host Family

Living with a host family in Bournemouth, is an ideal opportunity to get to know everyday English. The English learning process is supported by day-to-day life in an English speaking family. Perhaps you have help with your homework or you can enjoy organised excursions with the family. 

The school visits each of our families regularly to make sure that the participants and the host families are happy with each other. Each family is carefully assessed and evaluated in order to match each participant with the right family. In addition, all families must comply with the government rules and regulations.

Wherever possible, participants from different nationalities will be accommodated in a host family to encourage them to speak English together. This is often a great opportunity to build a new friendship. To ensure the high standards we ask the participants to give feedback on their accommodation towards the end of their stay.  The families provide their guests with linen and towels and access to a washing machine. 

It would be our pleasure to organise accommodation for you in a suitable home with an English speaking host family who would welcome you as a guest. Our homestays are located just a few minutes´ walk away from the school.

Guest House/ B&B

Beach Lodge www.beach-lodge.co.uk - This family-run Bed and Breakfast is highly recommended. The house is a beautiful 100-year-old property and is located in a small side street only about five minutes` walk from the beach with an impressive view of Poole Bay.

The school is just a short walk away, and the local shops, pubs and cafes are within easy walking distance. The house has been lovingly renovated. The original features have been retained and it now combines the best of old and new and is a wonderful place to stay. Each of the eight rooms has been tastefully furnished with beautiful bathrooms. Breakfast consists of a typical English breakfast and in addition there is fruit, yogurt, cereals, fresh juice and tea or coffee. The lounge offers the ideal environment to read, to relax or to improve your English. The rooms are available between 3pm and 6pm on arrival. On departure, the rooms must be vacated by 10:30am. If you arrive or depart outside of these hours, you can leave your luggage at reception until your room is free or until you leave. Small children are welcome and cots can be provided on request.

Mory House www.moryhouse.co.uk/ - Mory House is a very nice, family-run guest house. In 2005 it was renovated and is one of the best B&Bs in the area. Mory House is only 200 metres from the Bournemouth cliffs from where you have a magnificent view of the sandy beaches. You can quickly reach the sea from here across a few short paths. All off the six luxuriously appointed en-suite guest rooms are tastefully decorated and furnished with attention to detail with modern furniture. All of the en-suite bathrooms have new toilets and tiles. The rooms have double-glazed windows, central heating, a colour TV and either a video or DVD player, tea and coffee making facilities and clock radios. The main commercial area, with cafes, restaurants and pubs are within easy walking distance. Breakfast is included in the price. Please note the check-in time is between 12 noon and 1pm. In case you arrive at a different time, let us know and someone will be there to give you your keys.


The school organises a wide range of optional activities and excursions outside the classroom. These activities provide an ideal opportunity to interact with the other participants and use English in an everyday environment. Almost any sport can be arranged and supervised by the school.

If you have other interests, then the school is there to help to provide you with an alternative program to meet your requirements. These social activities are an ideal opportunity to speak English in a relaxed atmosphere and to get to know new people. Excursions include visits to London, Oxford, Windsor and Winchester (the ancient capital of England) and to the city of Bath (with the Roman Baths), Windsor and Winchester. Furthermore, visits nearer the school can be organized to smaller neighbouring English towns and sites such as Dorchester and Wimborne, Corfe Castle or to the local history museum. During the winter months, the school will open its doors on two evenings a week for plays, quizzes and video evenings. Other activities include discos for the younger participants and visits to typical British pubs for adult participants.

Additional activities - all year round (Not included in the price)
Museum, Oceanarium , Sega World , cinema , art gallery, Priory Quay , boat trips , Poole Quay, crab fishing , or go on a trip to the New Forest for traditional English " cream tea " . Visits to monuments of historical importance such as Stonehenge and the beautiful New Forest National Park with its wild ponies are just some of the many school activities. The additional fees are from € 5 to €12, with the exception of riding (the cost is about € 30 per hour, transportation to the stables is included in the price). All optional activities are accompanied by school staff.