Learn Spanish in Mexico

MexicoMexico is the most popular and best-known destination for learning Spanish in Latin America. The very attractive geographical location of this country is not the only reason for that. The temperature here is very pleasant throughout the year and Mexico is a country you can easily access coming from Europe or the U.S. It is also good to know that the language school in Playa del Carmen is a very safe and travel-friendly location for learning Spanish in Mexico.

Participants who have travelled to Mexico to learn Spanish have consistently reported that Mexico is a great place to visit if you want to learn to understand and speak the Spanish language. The locals here tend to speak slower and more clearly while trying to avoid the very complicated vocabulary and grammar.

During your stay in Mexico you will also be introduced to the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures. A welcoming and passionate culture, exceptional cuisine, pristine white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean, exotic animals and native Mariachi bands are all waiting for you!

Mexico is the gateway to Latin America and has more than 111 million Spanish speaking inhabitants. It is the ideal destination if you want to learn Spanish.

Our School Location

Our language school in Playa del Carmen is situated between the two main roads of the city. The beach is a 7-minute walk from the school, and many boutiques, restaurants and cafés are just as easily accessible. The Avenida Constituyentes is also just a few steps from the school. This location is perfect for students, as the entire surrounding area can easily and safely be explored on foot.

The central location of our language school helps language students stay in permanent contact with the locals and other students, which offers the unique opportunity to actively train and consolidate recently acquired skills in real scenarios. New friendships can easily be made as well.

School Facilities

Our language school in Mexico is ideally situated on the wonderful Carribbean coast. Only a short walk from the beach, our language centre is located in the heart of Playa del Carmen.

The school was the first international language school to be established in Playa del Carmen and benefits from the 35 years of its founder’s teaching experience in Europe. The school stands out from most other language schools because it was intentionally built as a language school in the traditional Mexican-Caribbean style. Besides, it is the only language school in Playa del Carmen that has on-site residence with a private swimming pool on the premises. Our school is managed and led by a very engaging, friendly and professional team. This is to help ensure that your time spent in Playa del Carmen is as pleasant and productive as possible. The language school itself consists of eight large and bright classrooms, an air-conditioned counseling centre for students, a library with books and videos, a computer room with Internet access (includes additional possibility of Wi-Fi access), a snack-bar and a barbeque area in the outdoor lounge area. The school residence offers ten double bedrooms with a private bathroom, 10 single rooms with a shared bathroom and a cafeteria for breakfast. Between the residence and the school building, students can enjoy the garden, relax in the pool or take a siesta in one of the comfortable hammocks. There is also a possibility of accommodation for students who prefer to stay with host families or in private apartments and hotels. Outside the classroom, the language school arranges various activity programmes for its students. These can range from Mexican cooking lessons to sunny walks on the beach and field trips to the famous Chichen Itza. Whether you’re already advanced or a complete beginner, our language school in Mexico welcomes all adult students from every corner of the globe, regardless of their proficiency in Spanish.

Student Reviews

Language Courses

Our language school in Mexico offers the right Spanish course for every participant. Improve your general knowledge of Spanish in one of three general language courses in Mexico and choose how difficult and intensive you would like your training to be. In order to intensify your general language course, you can combine it with additional lessons.

We also offer intensive Spanish language instruction on request through private courses. Receive tuition from a private teacher who will cater only to you and your requests, or study with a reduced curriculum. Along with the language courses in Mexico, local workshops are scheduled in the afternoon and offer you a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge of Mexican culture. Spanish classes are designed to offer a naturally vivid experience in order to motivate students to participate and work actively with one another and to keep that motivation constantly at a high level. Before your arrival in Mexico you will do a placement exam, after which students will be assigned into appropriate course groups according to their language proficiency. The course groups consist of between 4 and 7 students per class and are kept small in order to ensure an optimal learning environment. One language lesson lasts 50 minutes. Please keep in mind that our language school in Mexico is geared towards the education of adults. Language courses in Mexico are available for students who are 16 years or older.

Course Prices (in Euro)

All course fees include: courses as described, placement test and course certificate. The course book must be purchased for $ 20.
Save! The longer the duration of your course, the cheaper the price per week!

Courses begin every Monday1 Wk2 Wk3 Wk4 Wk6 Wk8 Wk12 Wk24 Wk
Standard course (20 lessons)2034056088101,2151,6202,4304,860
Semi-Intensive course (20 lessons + 5 hours)3066129181,2241,8362,4483,6727,344
Intensive course (20 lessons + 10 hours)4108191,2291,6382,4573,2764,9149,828
Private lessons (20 hours)4148281,2421,6562,4843,3124,968
Private lessons (30 hours)6211,2421,8632,4843,7264,9687,452-
Extra single lesson (5 hours)1042073114146218281,2422,484
Extra individual lessons (10 hours)2074146218281,2421,6562,4844,968

lesson - 50 minutes, hour - 60 minutes

The prices for the upcoming year will be published here shortly. We would be delighted if we could provide you with an individual offer in advance.

Course Dates and Info

Please consider the following dates when planning your language course in Mexico:

Holidays in Mexico (weekdays) 2017: 06 February, 20 March, 14 April, 01 May, 20 November, 25 December



Learning Spanish in Mexico includes not only an appropriate language course, but also the choice of the right accommodation. Our language school in the Playa del Carmen offers its students various accommodation options.

Stay with a Mexican host family or in the school's residence right next to the language school. A Mexican host family allows you to immerse yourself in Mexican culture, to practice Spanish outside of class, and to sample and enjoy Mexican cuisine. The school residence offers you somewhat more independent and flexible accommodation option. This type of accommodation is most popular among the young participants.

Host Family

A popular type of accommodation is living with a Mexican host family. You will live with a local host family and have ample opportunity for practising the Spanish skills you acquired in your language classes.

Get to know Mexican culture and customs first-hand and explore the day-to-day life of an average Mexican family. All host families have been carefully selected by our language school and fulfill the expectations of the Mexican standard. Bedrooms are available as single or double rooms, and common rooms like the living room, bathroom and kitchen are shared with the family. Please note that double rooms can only be reserved if both participants arrive at the same time. This accommodation type includes half-board services, meaning breakfast and dinner. Language students must make their own arrangements for lunch. The language school can easily be accessed from the host families’ homes in Mexico. On average, the language school is a 15-minute walk away.


Would you like to benefit from the unique advantage of living just a few steps away from your classroom? Then we recommend the school residence at our language school in Playa del Carmen. It is located next to the language school and is part of a connected building complex with the schoolhouse. A beautiful garden with a swimming pool, coloured hammocks and chaises longues (the perfect venue for relaxing and sunbathing!) is situated between the language school and the school residence.

Lush tropical plants give the location a distinct structure. The school residence has 10 single and double rooms. Single rooms can be booked with or without a balcony. Residents in single rooms have to use shared bathroom. Double rooms have private bathrooms and a balcony. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a fan, a safe and beach towels. Please note that double rooms can only be booked if both participants arrive at the same time. If you would like to reserve a double room for yourself alone, a small surcharge will be levied. The school residence in Mexico does not offer access to a kitchen, but the price of accommodation includes a Mexican breakfast buffet that will be served daily in the cafeteria. Most students have a small snack for lunch and make use of the diverse culinary environment in immediate proximity to the language schools in the evenings; meals in every price class are offered. Furthermore, there is a launderette within walking distance of the residence, however bed linen and towels are provided. Please note that neither alcohol nor visitors are allowed in the residence. The school residence at our language school in “Playa” offers excellent value for your money; we recommend them for all those language course participants who would like to live a stone’s throw from the language school and have access to a swimming pool right on their doorstep.

Accommodation Prices (Euro per person)

Homestay (single/double room, HB) *261
School Residence (single room, BB)189
School Residence (single room, balcony, BB)221
School Residence (single room, balcony, en-suite, BB)290
School Residence (double room, balcony, en-suite, BB)189

HB: Half Board - BB: bed and breakfastr - en-suite: private bathroom, * We would like to point out that the double rooms can only be booked by 2 people travelling together.

The prices for the upcoming year will be published here shortly. We would be delighted if we could provide you with an individual offer in advance.


In addition to Spanish courses, our language school in Playa del Carmen hosts exciting activities and excursions for its language students. Day trips to the biggest tourist attraction on the Yucatán peninsula are on offer.

Archeological sites, national parks, eco-tourism and other adventures are part of the programme. Due to the language school’s ideal location by the sea, watersports are an extremely popular pastime in Playa del Carmen. You can dive, snorkel, surf and fish. Kiteboarding, sailing and jet-skiing are a unique experience, too. Riding tours into a jungle or along the beach can be taken as well. The night life in Playa del Carmen provides ample opportunity to relax after language classes or to actively train newly acquired skills. Students can also participate in activities that are offered by the language school at preferred rates once a week. Those include a Mexican snack and cocktail night, snorkeling with turtles in Akumal and weekend trips to places like Chichén-Itzá, Cobá-Tulum, Río Lagartos and Sian-kan. These excursions are led by professional tour guides. Please note that a minimum group size of 6 participants is required for such activities to be organised. Our language school in Mexico also provides its course participants free activities every week. You can look forward to salsa dancing in the afternoons, movie nights on the beach and Mexican cooking classes in the language school.