Learn English in Los Angeles

The Californian metropolis of Los Angeles is certainly one of the most attractive cities for a language course. You get to see the glamorous image and the prestigious neighbourhoods such as Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu & Co. Let’s face it, who doesn’t dream to stroll on Venice beach in the sun and then walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame? LA is the second largest city of the United Sates, after New York and is the most populous on the west coast. In the "Greater Los Angeles Area", there are about 18 million people, making it one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. Particularly, in this case the "Angelenos" (name of the citizens of Los Angeles) comprise of 140 nationalities and speak over 220 languages, which is why the city is one of the most ethnically diverse in the world. This offers the students to broaden their cultural horizons and to see the exciting attractions of Los Angeles. That is why it is such a recommended destination for learning English.

Our School Location

Our school is located in a very attractive location just five minutes walk from the Santa Monica Beach, where you will be spoilt with 340 days a year of sunshine. The famous 3rd Street Boulevard with its nightlife and shopping is also a two minute walk away so the school is perfectly located to any activities you wish to do.

School Facilities

The school has a computer room, which includes 30 computers with internet access – but of course there is also on-site WLAN access so that Internet access to students is guaranteed. There is also a nice lounge for students to relax in before and after the lesson. Of course, there are also quiet places where students can take some time out and look over what they have learnt.
24/7 student support
24/7 student support
Air-conditioned school
Air-conditioned school
Central location
Central location
Computer Room
Computer Room
Free activity programme
Free activity programme
Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi
Interactive white boards
Interactive white boards
Junior Programme
Junior Programme
Located near the beach
Located near the beach
Shopping nearby
Shopping nearby
Student lounge
Student lounge

School Accreditation

Our language schools are selected according to very strict criteria in order to guarantee a certain quality of teaching. An important accreditation for our language school comes from the ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training). This organisation concerns itself with the endorsement of institutions in the field of education. ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organisations) is a global umbrella organization of language schools and travel agencies. It has the goal to enforce appropriate policies and standards for language learning in the respective language country. The criteria of quality includes reliability and competence as well as accurate information and good customer service.

Student Reviews

Language Courses

Our partner school in Los Angeles has an extensive range of courses - there is something for every student here. Depending on the desired intensity and the desired topics you can choose from the following language courses:

Course Prices (in Euro)

All course fees include: course curriculum as described, timetable, activities programme, placement test and course certificate, welcome pack, free internet access (WLAN), Library.
Hint 1: Prices per Week get cheaper the longer you stay!
Hint 2: Are you travelling alone? Share a double room with another student and save money!


Courses start every Monday
1 Wk.2 Wk.3 Wk.4 Wk.6 Wk.8 Wk.

12 Wk.

24 Wk.
Standard Course (20 Lessons)3426841,0261,3682,0522,7363,888-
Semi-Intensive English (24 Lessons)3747471,1211,4942,2412,9884,158-
Intensive English (30 Lessons)4328641,2961,7282,5923,4564,698-
Business English (30 Lessons)4328641,2961,7282,5923,4564,698-
Private Course (20 Lessons)1,5303,0604,5906,1209,18012,24018,360-
Private Course (30 Lessons)2,2954,5906,8859,18013,77018,36027,540-
Extra Private Lessons  (5 Lessons)3837651,1481,5302,2953,0604,590-
Extra Private Lessons (10 Lessons)7651,5302,2953,0604,5906,1209,180-
Academic Year (24 Lessons)-------7,668
Academic Year (30 Lessons)-------8,532
Test Preparation Courses*4 Wk.8 Wk.9 Wk.10 Wk.12 Wk.   
Cambridge Exam Preparation (30 Lessons)---4,3204,698   
TOEFL Exam Preparation (30 Lessons)1,7283,456---   

Lessons last 45 Minutes , *Test fees not included in price

The prices for the upcoming year will be published here shortly. We would be delighted if we could provide you with an individual offer in advance.

Course Dates and Info

Standard, Semi Intensive and Intensive English courses 2017: start every Monday
Business English Courses 2017: Start every Monday
TOEFL Preparation Courses 2017: Start every Monday (4 or 8 weeks)
Cambridge FCE and CAE exam courses (every 10 weeks) 2017: 2th January 2017, respectively; Examination dates 10th March (FCE) and 11th March (CAE)
Cambridge FCE and CAE exam courses (every 12 weeks) 2017: 13th March and 4th September Examination dates 6th June and 28th November (FCE) and 11th March and 29th November (CAE)
Holidays in Los Angeles (weekdays) 2016: 2nd January, 16th January, 20 February, 31th March, 29th May, 4th July, 9th September, 09th October 10th November, 23rd November, 24th November, 25th December. 


In such a cosmopolitan city, there are many options of accommodation for students. If you prefer quieter surroundings then staying with a host family would be a great decision. However, if you like it a bit more lively, then why not stay in our student residence?

Host Family

Staying with a host family in a cosmopolitan city like Los Angeles is a great option as you can experience the culture close up and immerse yourself directly into your international life and the American culture. This exchange with a family helps students to practice their English in everyday settings as well as giving the students the chance to gain new experiences – be it with regard to lifestyle, local food or simply the different daily routine. The houses all vary – some are apartments, some are family houses. The students can choose between single and double rooms. Each room is fully furnished: bed, desk, dresser and cabinet. Some rooms have televisions and other features. It is important that the rooms are kept clean and tidy. In addition, students have access to a shared bathroom.


The shared student residence is located in the Brentwood district, west of Santa Monica and Venice beach. This trendy district located near the Vinvente Boulevard and Montana Avenue is home to numerous shops, restaurants and bars. The residence itself is comprised of several private appartments, each with 4 people and two bedrooms. The apartments have a private living room, a kitchen, balcony, TV, washing machine, and WI-FI. There is also a gym, swimming pool and a tennis court. Living here, you can meet many international people from all over the world. The school can be reached by bus in 15-20 minutes, from $ 1.50

Accommodation Prices (Euro per person)


04.11. - 31.12.

01.01. - 16.06. &

02.09. - 03.11.

17.06. - 01.09.
Host family (BB) (SR)243248270
Host family (BB) (DR)230234257
Host family (HB) (SR)279284306
Host family (HB) (DR)257261284
Shared apartment (SC) (SR)594612635
Shared apartment (SC) (DR)306315329

BB: Bed & Breakfast - HB: Half-board - SC: Self-catering, Arrival and departure at our language school in Los Angeles is on Saturdays.

The prices for the upcoming year will be published here shortly. We would be delighted if we could provide you with an individual offer in advance.


Of course, the language school also offers all sorts of leisure activities and the opportunity to spend time with you r classmates. There are movie nights, beach volleyball tournaments and tours of Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

About Los Angeles

The most famous attractions of California’s Surfers Paradise were already mentioned, but of course, the city has much more to offer. A basketball game of the world-famous Los Angeles Lakers or the Disneyland in nearby Anaheim should be visited as well as the Universal Film Studios in Hollywood, so it will be easy for you to be occupied outside of your language courses and have a wonderful time exploring the "City of Angels". If you have a little more time, then you should definitely consider a day trip to Santa Catalina Island. Not only is the island itself is a highlight, but also the trip there by ferry is a fantastic experience in itself. With any luck, you can even see whales and dolphins swimming in the clear water. Santa Catalina consists of two small port towns and a large park where you get the chance to try water sports such as kayaking and experience a true sense of adventure!